Animal feed

Anova Group's animal feed products are always found at the top of the agriculture market of Vietnam.

Nova Consumer Group started with Anova Group as its predecessor, a high-profile unit in the agricultural sector.

Holding the mission of "Boosting performance for farmers, improving the culture of consumption and protecting community health", in June 2012, Anova Group joined in the animal feed industry with the foundation of Anova Feed Joint Stock Company, contributing to the completion of the closed agricultural production chain. Anova Feed sets a goal to enter the top 5 animal feed companies in Vietnam.

By combining product quality as an outstanding strength with its existing prestige among Vietnamese farmers, Anova Feed quickly expanded the cattle feed market and has been well accepted and trusted by farmers.

With a consistent focus on product quality - the core value of Anova Group, Anova Feed has invested in a modern Global Gap production line as well as an R&D system to ensure the optimum quality of finished products.

Anova Feed is supplying various products on the market to fulfill any requirements of farmers:

  • Animal feed for super-lean pigs, dry sows, piglets, market hogs, nursing sows, weaning piglets;
  • Chicken feed for chicks, feathered chickens, productive chickens, broilers, laying hens;
  • Duck-geese feed for baby ducks and geese, super-meat ducks-geese, laying ducks-geese;
  • Cow feed for beef and dairy cows;