Personnel Policies

One of the Group's focal points since day one is making Nova Consumer Group the best and most ideal workplace for employees. For that reason, we have put enormous efforts into creating an environment where all members receive the best conditions and opportunities to join hands and contribute to the development of not only Nova Consumer Group but also each individual. From the Group's managers to all employees, we are all committed to elevating Nova Consumer Group to be one of the most desirable places to work in Vietnam.


Salary and bonus policy at Nova Consumer Group aligns with high standards of the market and is set up with expert advice from professional consultants to be competitive in all aspects, including: salary, short-term and/or long-term bonuses, additional allowances.


Nova Consumer Group always pays attention to establishing the best benefit policy for employees such as the Premium health insurance program for employees and their family members, study promotion for employees' children, and discounted prices on purchasing company products...


In response to our development orientation, Nova Consumer Group constantly focuses on advancing the staff training system with diverse courses designed for different levels to cultivate employees with vital qualities and skills; these training activities not only aim at work performance but also at preparation for future global integration.

Employee development training programs are designed to maximize each individual's potential and career orientation. Fairness and transparency in team training and development create working cohesion and efficiency, consolidate and develop the ability to adapt as well as to work in a dynamic international environment for both employees and leaders of the Group.